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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quilty Pleasures Wednesday-A Spiderweb Quilt

Notice the individual blocks?
I had never made a spiderweb quilt before, but with the abundance of 30's fabric in my stash it was a no-brainer to use them for this quilt. I used this tutorial from the Quilt It blog. Marit's directions were clear, the  awesome photos helped immensely, and I had no trouble whatsoever making the blocks.

Each block starts with a triangle, the triangles are sewn together on the long side, and then four squares make a web.  If you go over there, tell Marit thanks for me! Sorry, it's only glimpses of the whole quilt but I want MBB to be at least semi-surprised when she receives it.

I like the secondary star pattern this design makes.
 Since I've been messing about with this quilt for months, I should be elected Queen of the Procrastinators. Why? Well, once I finished the blocks and sewed them together, I had to actually think! There was a spiderweb center, but no plans for the rest of the quilt. So far I have a strippy border set off by two inch borders of the same plain fabric I used in the webs.

Depending on the quilt's size after adding strippy all around, I may have to add more stuff. I'm working on a deadline here: I have a quilting appointment tomorrow!

Back to work!


  1. More parachuting bunnies! All RIGHT! Looks awesome, mar. YEAAAH BODDY.

  2. Love the look of those 30's pastels paired with a lighter blue! This is a beautiful gift to be. Happy to hear you had fun with the tutorial. I am still in love with this old pattern. It holds so many possibilities. And I have two spiderweb tops waiting to be quilted, myself...
    ; )


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