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Monday, June 6, 2011

Relax and Restore

When people visit, they usually comment on how peaceful it is. Unless Tom is driving around in the Polaris or chainsawing, the sounds outside are those of nature.

Wind blows through the pines, birds tweet, hummingbirds hum and the creek riffles over the rocks. Turkeys gobble and a coyote off in the distance yips, thinking about possible turkey dinner. And that's about it.

A good place to hear these natural sounds is at the Buddha Garden. The previous owners left him here and I am happy to have him stay. Let's walk up to visit him.

The red hot poker plant blooms just inside the wall.

Outside is a cobblestone path that Ernest built.

The Buddha garden is surrounded by oak trees, so it's a shady, contemplative place.

I like to sit on the bench, reading, occasionally looking at Buddha, who's just taking it easy.

This is what Buddha sees. The air is smoky today because of fires.

Yesterday The Angus Boys were chilling up here, too.

It's a place to recharge your batteries.

Think about a future blue and green quilt, with a smidgen of white.

Before you head back home.

The Buddha says thanks for visiting.


  1. the above was from theer..i forgot about the 'anonymous


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